.458 SOCOM Reamer

Economy and Solid pilots are now only available in SAAMI and CIP. Sorry for the inconvenience
All Reamers are avaliable in Carbide. Please contact a sales associate if you have any questions regarding materials or if you would like to order a carbide reamer.


NEW!!! All SAAMI Prints are now available On-line! Please Click Here for the link.


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Chambering Reamers and Headspace Gauges are available for every standard, custom, and foreign caliber. Chamber reamers are furnished in three basic sizes - Finish, resize, and rougher. Finish reamers are precisely ground to cut minimum size chambers and seating dies. Resize reamers are used as precise full length resizing die reamers and can double as precise roughers. Our Carbide Roughing reamers (core drills) are fantastic for fast stock removal in roughing out a chamber cavity before using the finish reamer.


We have 22,000 plus chamber reamer and gauge prints on file. If it's not listed, we can make it. Many wildcat and standard reamers & gauges are on the shelf for immediately delivery.


Recommended Speed & Feeds Recommended Reaming Fluids 50 % Castrol cutting oil mixed with 50% Moly D
CARBIDE - CNC Finisher's must be ran @ 350rpm to 650 rpm at a feed rate of .0025 to .0035 per rev.
HSS Roughers 300 & up rpm
HSS Finisher's 120 to 180 rpm
Download PDF Version Manufacturer'e Website
Castrol TDN-81 Website
Mobil Omega Website
Hercules Dark Website
Trans Sultex None
Rigid Fluid Rigid Fluid

Our customers have had great success adding 20% Ford F Type transmission fluid to the cutting fluids listed above.

NOTE: We DO NOT recommend water soluble fluids for chambering.


Please Note: There is a $25.00 fee for changes made to ANY reamer or print that is in production on the shop floor.



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  • Model: N3861337
  • Shipping Weight: 1lbs
  • Manufactured by: Pacific Tool & Gauge, Inc.
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PTG removable pilot reamers are produced from premium M-42 tool steel. They are individually hand-stoned to cut smooth and chatter free. Made to SAAMI specifications for standardized cartridges and to the current industry standard for popular wildcat cartridges. They feature removable pilots that are held in place with a screw and a 3/8" square drive shank for use with a tap wrench. Reamers include one bushing of nominal bore diameter (additional bushings sold separately). Right hand cut.

If we have product in stock we will ship immediately. If we do not have in stock, please allow 1 to 8 weeks for delivery time.

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